Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Time to be a doer

In speaking to a fellow BT patient yesterday who has just laid out hundreds of thousands for treatment. I have yet again felt obliged for us as a population to stop being docile and actually getting things done. Patients are NOT getting drugs in South Africa. So you have to have money if you want treatment. If you are poor you will probably just die. Why are we accepting this? I know we don't live in a fair world and that we are all gonna die - that is a fact! But we can make a difference, lets make the most of the life and celebrate it with bravery and will. No-one is asking you to go out there and fight a war. Just standing together and working in your community to make a better place for all is incredibly powerful. We are built to co-operate but often we just feel we can't do things due to financial constraints. I think we have a lot more resources than we think.

So if you are one of those who has made the decision to live, I would encourage you to share your life with others in a meaningful way!

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