Thursday, November 3, 2011

MRI Results November 2011

Well the machine was it's normal noisy self - no surprises there. As per usual I triple plugged my ears and that was manageable. I have now had my 12th MRI (I worked it out the other day)

I still need to see the oncologist and neurologoist but the report from the radiologist is as follows (the conclusion only)
  1. There are post-surgical changes in the left posterior parietal lobe with post-radiation changes in the white matter.
  2. No recurrence of the glioma
  3. Compared to the previous study no interval change.
So all in all it seems positive. I am, however, concerned about the radiation type damage that seems to be evident on the scan as an items that were not there before so I am definitely seeking a second opinion. I can believe that there is radiation damage as I have this vein that is "popping" out of my head at the temple. It seems to be weak and reminds me a bit or the animation series "Stressed Eric" - looks like its gonna pop any day!

One of the concerns I have with the report is that they refer to the tumour as being in the parietal lobe and not the temporal lobe as per my original diagnosis. Anyway - just hearing of NO GLIOMA is always good news. So I tick this off for another 6 months! I do plan on taking it with me to CT for the congress I am attending. 

Please check on because we have a few things happening which seem to be very exciting! I would love everyone's support. The Brain Tumour Foundation has been invited to exhibit at the african neurosurgery congress (thats not the real name, its some long name so this is my version) here is the website So James and I are off from 17th - 24th November. It is really exciting to be able to get involved.

Funny story: My mom, when she went back to university to study, used to drive to fetch my brother with frozen peas on her head as she said the thinking made her head hot! - thinking is a dangerous sport!

Here pics from the MRI results:


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Jim G-M said...

No glioma is great news!

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