Friday, December 2, 2011

Good Week

Last week was very productive... after having attended the congress, I was off to the Red Cross children's hospital where I was rushed into scrubs and witnessed a few minutes of a brain operation on an infant. No, I didn't faint! It is quite amazing to see it in real life.

I have been meeting a few fellow patients who have been struggling with the realities of BTs - It really is a terrible disease. The truth of the matter is that many people don't survive for a long period of time. That is when I realise just how blessed I have been. BUT, I have to add, that I honestly don't take my days for granted. I am sure my family will attest to that statement and agree that I am always busy pursuing something. (whether that is good or bad, I am not sure) I think we need to have a day where we say a prayer for those struggling with a BT.

I have SO much admin and data capturing for the Brain Tumour Foundation to do that I almost feel debilitated. I feel like the little train "I think I can, I think I can." So, if I am delayed in getting things uploaded and BT website updated or following up - I hope you understand!

Please remember to order a book, it really is a great book for Christmas or for a person who is struggling with cancer!

Have a great weekend - I plan to!



Kim Murray said...

Hi Deidre .

I have just regiseterd with BT buddies . I had a leftparietal craniotomy on the 30 of november 2011 . I look frowar dto reading yoir blog ,it os good to find others like me . I also have a blog,i think the link will how when i submeit my comment .

Medical Billing Software said...

It is hard to see and feel the pain of the children who have to face such surgeries...but the good side is that there is hope and better medication for them,and you great that you are able to feel that.

Neuropsychologist Clinical Melbourne said...

I find it interesting that you experienced such big egos with those neurosurgeons. Shame on them. My neurosurgeon, by contrast, was so humble. An Iranian Jew, he moved to the States to avoid persecution. He exudes confidence and expertise, yet is very humble. When my wife asked about his wife, and if he had a picture of her, he didn't want to show us the picture. He said that we would think he married her only for her beauty, but that wasn't the case. I'm very thankful that I was referred to him.

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