Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 - the way forward

So we are now in our second week of January 2012. It is crazy how quickly time goes! This year I plan to get back to work and get some routine and stability going.  I will still be attending functions for the Brain Tumour Foundation as a part time contribution to the community. I love writing and painting as a creative outlet - I feel is essential in balancing my work and stress. I still look back at what I have been through and just have to thank God for the new life I have been given. I can honestly say that, not only am I feeling healthy but, I have my strength and drive back.

As part of my studies I have been reading Marcus Aurelius Meditations and have found it inspiring to find a kindred spirit from 2000 years ago: (For those who don't know he was a Roman Emperor and considered one of the "good" rulers.

"No: if you have taken a fall, come back again and be glad if most of your actions are on the right side of humanity. And love what you return to. "

"So there are two reasons why you should be content with your experience. One is that this has happened to you , was prescribed for you, and is related to you, a thread of destiny spun for you from the first of the most ancient causes. The second is that what comes to each individual is determining part of the welfare, perfection and indeed the very coherence of which governs the whole."

So for the New Year of 2012 I wish you all strength, endurance, simplicity, health and reward.

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