Saturday, April 7, 2012

Unbelievable life... Tornado hits

Well I am feeling a bit better as James and Leo have been able to come and visit me in Jhb. There trip has had its excitements (to prove to me yet again that my life is not normal!) First their flight was delayed so they arrived at 12:30am on Thursday evening. Then on Friday at 1am...You won't believe it but a tornado hit and a MASSIVE tree hit the roof of my little cottage. Remarkably the tree fell in the perfect spot (literally on the cornerstone) not to come through the roof and land on my bed! (once again making believe I am looked after) The noise was so unbelievable that James and I literally jumped out of bed. The hail just fell at such a force that the entire garden had 10cm of ice yet the outside temperature was about 8 degrees! The most amazing thing about this is that Leo slept through the whole thing and only when we carried him out of his bed did he sleepily moan at us for moving him. We were not harmed in anyway although we did have to move out of my flat to the main house till they removed the tree and fixed the leaks.

It doesn't stop there... We then had NO water or electricity for 2 days subsequent to that as the storm took down a substation. So my plans to spend time with my husband and son where serious interrupted... although we did still have a nice time with Leo going to LEGO, on the Gautrain and putt-putt golf.

The journey doesn't stop there... I also got moved to a different area in my project this week - something I am very happy about. James and Leo are staying with me till Easter Monday and the emotional and moral support has been great. That is  probably the only thing that offers some normality! Anastasia and Adam will come stay with me at the end of April so that I can have some mommy time with them.

I am off to give a inspirational talk on 21 April for the "look good feel better" ladies. (Poor James is gonna have to hang out with a couple of women again!) I think that this tornado experience might just be a good topic. But I will have to think it through... I can't say my life is dull.

So now that the emotional and physical storms have somewhat subsided, hopefully a smooth path lies ahead! (I say touching wood!) Although I don't know exactly what my life path is, what I do know is that yet again I feel that I am protected from harm in the storms I face.

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