Sunday, February 2, 2014

Bring on 2014

Hi all ... although some may have thought that I have disappeared off the face of the planet, alas I am alive and well.

Working, taking care of home and kids and general life as we know it. I thought I should explain why I have not blogged for so long ... without all the usual excuses of time. Primarily my lack of blogging was that I became tired of talking about my ex brain tumour. I didn't want to feel like a patient or a survivor,  I wanted to rediscover Deirdre.

Much has changed in my life, but similarly much has remained the same. Getting ill set me off on a wonderful quest to travel, learn, write and experience empathy. I also realised that I am who I always have been,  driven to succeed, love to work and still dont follow all the healthy diet and exercise rules.  I struggled so much to get my honours degree in Philosophy,  but managed to get there in the end, just to realise that is merely the tip of what I still have to learn. I feel a bit more reserved and experience fear more readily but I have realised that this is closely linked to another virtue, wisdom. So I encourage you to also keep pushing forward, test the boundaries, carry the sword of faith,  even when if gets heavy. I have been so incredibly blessed, I don't feel worthy most times.

Anastasia has finished school with excellence in many of her subjects. She is looking gorgeous! She recently got engaged to a wonderful guy, who is in his final year of university. I believe that they will have a good marriage, even though they are young.

Adam is at a new school and doing really well. He has also taken a much deeper look into his faith. I am proud to see his growth into adulthood,  although he is still a child.

Leo really fills our house with jokes and drama. He still reluctantly saunters to bed at night and moans at having to go to school everyday. He is shy, but confident and strong willed. He has also done well at school, scoring above grade in mathematics,  just like his brother.

James is working as usual,  although he does find the complexities of architecture overwhelming at times. He is busy in the garage these weekends enthusiastically (sometimes frustrated) building a designer car.

My family are all fit... So, as you can imagine all is good. I do hope and pray that I will be more inspired at work,  but I am confident that God will continue to lead the way and open opportunities. Like I said ... I have been blessed abundantly.

May your journey be blessed too...


Ps: if you want a book, I am donating them all, you just need to pay shipping.  Send an email if you would like one.

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