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Originally from Port Elizabeth, South Africa where she was born, she studied IT and opened her own web design business at the age of 23 after the birth of her 2nd child.

She is happily married to the love of her life, James Kohler. James is a talented architect and has encouraged Deirdre in her business, art and writing endeavours. He has been a support to her as a trained medic. They have three children Anastasia, Adam and Leo!

During the treatments, Deirdre started a blog. Here she detailed what she was going through from surgery to chemo and radiation. She has now converted this to a book.

After the diagnosis of the brain tumour, Deirdre decided to take up travelling and start painting. She had her first and successful exhibition 6 weeks after her surgery. Her paintings are abstract and very large. The largest to date is 2.5m x 1.8m

She has been featured in newspapers, lifestyle magazine and on radio. She speaks to church and social groups on request.

Deirdre and James, with the help of her parents Alan and Lynn Page, built a coffee shop out in the country. Both her brothers Paul and Sean have helped build and work in the coffee shop.

Even after her diagnosis in 2006, Deirdre continued to live normal life. It is though love, faith, prayers and the advancement of medical treatments that Deirdre believes she is alive and well today.

You can contact Deirdre on kohlerprojects2@gmail.com

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