Latest commission :

When I was diagnosed with the tumour, I was very frustrated. James suggested that I start painting. I also did it to try fill up the empty walls. Once I started the first one, I was encouranged to continue. James draged me to a gallery and the woman loved it and set up an exhibition. From someone who had never painted before, I was overwhelmed and encouraged. The date had been set but then I got the news that the tumour was too large and I had to go for surgery. James wouldn't let me cancel the exhibition and six weeks after surgery, I had the exhibit. I did my most brave painting at the time called "Life". It was 2,5m x 1.8m. I didn't try copy a style but rather let it come freely.

I work on commission and have supplied to a few homes, office block entrances and shops.

I have set up my studio next to the coffee shop and ready for action. You can view my art on

Why and how we started the coffee shop to come...

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