Chemo was definitely the worst of the treatment. Not because it was the most intense, but rather because it felt like it went on forever.

I took Temador tablets. I was happy that the chemo didn't involve an IV drip. I started on half dose during radiation (7 weeks) and then full dose for a further 6 months. I took the tablets before going to bed. With full dose, there was vomiting and so I had to take Zofran to settle the stomach. This also meant that I had to take laxatives to kick start operations again every second week! Chemo was one week on and two weeks off.

There was a question if my tumour was due to a chromosome malformation (1q & 19p) I elected not to take the DNA tests as the costs didn't seem to justify it and they had to be sent to UK for analysis. Personally I do think that it is due to a DNA issue as my Grandfather experiences many of the symptoms I do.

"By far, the most common structural deformity found is co-deletion of chromosomal arms 1p and 19q. The high frequency of co-deletion is a striking feature of this glial tumour and is considered as a "genetic signature" of oligodendroglioma. Allelic losses on 1p and 19q, either separately or combined, are more common in classic oligodendrogliomas than in either astrocytomas or oligoastrocytomas" wikipedia

The Temador is meant to have a good effect on targeting the tumour. Personally I am just glad it is OVER!! YAY YAY YAY

I totally understand why people say that they really will have to dig deep to repeat the treatment.
BUT It has worked for me - regardless of the pain involved!

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