On the 29th of December 2008 I started radiation. This was done over a period of 7 weeks. I was given 59Gy radiation over a 10cm x 10cm area. This was done in the left temporal lobe area.

The radiation involved 5 days a week for approximately 7 minutes under the radiation machine. The last week I was given a booster radiation targeting the area where the tumour seemed to be high grade.

I lost my hair in patches. The hair would stand up at attention and a couple of hours later fall to the ground! The area where I had the booster is still very thin - BUT at least I have hair. My doctor told me after it started growing back that he was scared it wouldn't!

The radiation seemed to have a good effect on killing the tumour. There seemed to be a lot of dead tissue following the radiation. I am glad that I did it even though I was very scared to.

My radiation mask was in London as part of the "Behind the Mask" exhibition.  For more information go to www.btbuddies.org.uk

I finished my last radiation treatment on Valentines Day, 14 February 2009! To follow my radiation blog search from 29 December 2008 to 16 February 2009

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