After 1½ years of waiting since diagnosis, I was told "Its now or never". My doctor had said that my tumour was 7cm large and it had actually pushed the entire left side of my brain. I was given 6 months to live. James and I headed off to Cape Town. I was bedridden. I spent most of my time sleeping or on my computer.

I went in for the first surgery. The tumour was near my speech area so they planned to put in a grid into the area where the tumour was. The plan was to analyse the data then decide where to target the tumour. The surgery didn't go well. I did not respond to basic questions and lost consciousness. The next day I was rushed back for surgery to have the grid removed. I woke up feeling a lot better but still bedridden. The final surgery was scheduled for 3 days later. For the 3rd surgery I was put into a hypothermic state (which is probably why I am always cold) During the operation I was woken up to test my responses when the doctors touched a certain area. Fortunately I can't remember much from the first surgery to the last. The last surgery took over 6 hours and the combined operating time of the surgeries was 13hours.

When I got out of the last surgery I literally felt like a weight had been lifted off me. I was starving and ate two meals and spent most of the time laughing with the guy next to me who had also had brain surgery. Although I was sore, I felt better than I had in years.

I had next to no side effects. I am completely blessed that I am healthy and here today!

My surgeries were done in Constantia Medicross in Cape Town. Dr R Melville was my neurosurgeon and Dr J Butler my neurologist. The medical team were fantastic and took good care of me.

I then waited for diagnosis and was told that I needed radiation and chemo.

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